Wooden Sign Form & Contact

Guests attending any Wooden Sign Paint Party will need to send designs before the event via this page. Common designs include initials, last names, and favorite quotes. Inspiration for your own sign can be found all around! If you would like to send a photo of a design instead of filling out this form, please forward it to carrieleestudio@outlook.com.

Designs must be submitted 48 hours before your event. Designs not submitted before the deadline are not guaranteed to be completed in time for the party. If you have additional photos you would like to send, please forward to carrieleestudio@outlook.com.

Designs that have more than thirty letters/symbols or more than two graphics will not be approved. If a guest would like a design that exceeds these guidelines, it may be approved for an additional fee and upon an individual basis. Below is an example of a sign that includes two graphics and thirty letters/symbols.



We love hosting parties for birthdays, families, friends, bachelorettes, and more! Use the following form to request a Paint Party and we will get back to you within two business days.


Carrie Lee Studio