Hand Lettered Signs

“Carrie Lee Studio will no longer be accepting all custom product or sign orders. I appreciate everyone who has trusted me and I have enjoyed creating work for you. From brewery signs to graveyard signs and from baby showers to weddings, I’ve been lucky enough to play a part in most stages of life with this business. But, as growth happens, this is a choice that is best for me and will allow me to continue moving forward in other areas. I will still consider doing work on an individual request basis, but other than that, the custom product/sign part of Carrie Lee Studio is closed.”

– Management 


Set the tone with beautiful hand lettered signs that will raise the bar and direct guests to it! Carrie Lee Studio offers a broad range of styles and price points to ensure that your event has everything it needs. The most common requests for signs are chalkboard and wood, but products can be customized.

Carrie Lee Studio is proud of our commitment to serve clients with a guarantee of fair pricing for quality workmanship. Pricing is dependent upon size, material, labor, and attention to detail. Custom orders for two similar items may not be the same amount after all pricing items are considered.

Custom orders will not be accepted without a 50% deposit. You may pick up your order(s) at the studio by making an appointment.

Custom orders will be placed into the calendar and given a one month completion estimate. We will contact you in the event that your order is ready ahead of schedule. For an additional cost, clients may request a rush order.

If you would like to request a hand lettered sign that you do not see on any of our social media channels, or if you would like a customized sign, please fill out the form below.