Paint Parties & Events

Carrie Lee Studio offers a wide variety of Paint Parties for all ages and skill levels. Paint Parties will be scheduled throughout the year for anyone to join. Private Parties are available for many different type of events and can be customized to each guest’s needs.

Canvas Paint Parties
6-16 participants per party

Canvas Paint Parties are a great way to spend an afternoon or evening together! Everyone creates the same image as an instructor guides through the painting process step by step. Parties last 2-3 hours and include a few breaks. Although Canvas Paint Parties have a master template, guests are encouraged to add their own flair to the painting. Whether a newcomer or a pro, everyone will walk away from our parties with their own masterpiece!

Wooden Sign Paint Parties
6-16 participants

Wooden Sign Paint Parties are in high demand, and for good reason! Each participant is able to choose their own design, customizing their signs to fit individual style and personality. Before each party, each participant will need to choose and submit the design they would like on their sign via our Contact page. Whether you’re a newcomer or a pro, anyone will be able to complete a professional looking product. Signs will be stenciled before the party, so all guests have to do is arrive, grab a color of their choosing, and enjoy!

Pop-In and Paint
Open Studio

Guests have access to all paint supplies and are given one 16×20 canvas to create in an open studio setting. There will be no step-by-step instruction. Tickets may be purchased online, or paid upon arrival.

Open Series Studio

Each guest will be able to choose an image from three-four 16×20 paintings that all fit within the same theme. This is a wonderful opportunity for friends and family members who would like to do a Canvas Paint Party together, but may not have the same taste. Guests will work at their own pace with minimal instruction. Canvases will come pre-stenciled for Open series Studio sessions.

Paint Your Pet

Guests will create a 16×20 custom canvas painting of their pet from a photo submitted to the studio beforehand. Each guest will leave the session with a goodie bag from Miss Lucy’s Dog Treats. Canvases will come pre-stenciled and instruction will be available as guests choose colors and painting techniques to mimic their pet’s fur and attributes.

Kid’s Class

Each child must be accompanied by an adult for the duration of the class. Participants will create the same 11×14 image as an instructor guides through the painting process step by step. Each session will have a kid-friendly theme, which will be the subject of the painting. Each child will receive a creative goodie bag (small tablet, crayons, etc.).

Wine Glass Painting

Each participant will choose between a stemless or traditional wine glass. Everyone will create the same image on the glass as an instructor guides through the process step by step. Guests are welcome to create their own image, but will not be instructed. Each glass, upon completion, will be wrapped in tissue paper and given instructions to ‘bake’ at home.

Open Studio

Carrie Lee Studio will bring out every painting we’ve ever instructed and allow guests to recreate one 16×20 canvas image at their own pace with minimal instruction. Each guest might leave with a different image, or a group may come in and paint together.

Couple’s Paint

Couples are welcome to come to the studio and create a painting together in a unique date night setting. Each participant will receive one 16×20 canvas that will make up half of a larger 20×32 image. Guests will be given instruction cards for each half of the painting, and will also receive step by step instruction.

**Please visit our ‘Contact’ page before your Wooden Sign Paint Party! This ensures that your design is printed for you when you arrive to the party.**